Thursday, February 5, 2009

Austin Fun

As I've mentioned before, Eli is working out of Austin twice a week which is where his family lives. This past week my calendar was clear and Emily and I joined him so that we could see our new niece Adelina Joan. We left Wednesday night for a birthday dinner for Fred, who also departed on a two week cruise with Grandpa to Antartica through a UT Alumni group. Can't wait to see those pictures!

On Thursday Sheri and I watched my nephews for the day so Olivia and Marti could rest and spend some quiet time with Adelina. The day was mostly spent outside where Emily discovered the sandbox and was enthralled forever with digging. I have never seen her stand at one place, doing one task for longer than a minute at a time, so this was weird---aka fabulous--for me to be able to just "sit and watch." She's very much in the testing-mommy-all-day-long-to-see-how-much-I-can-get-away-with phase, leaving me beyond exhausted at 7 when she goes to bed. Hejjo (almost 3) and Felix (16 mo.) play together pretty well doing "boy" things--cars, balls, getting filthy, etc:)--and Emily now carries around a ball or a car all day long. That night we went to see the new baby and she is so beautiful!! I think she looks like Felix as a baby, but she has Olivia's eyes, which makes her look very different from her brothers. Adelina loves to nurse all day and pretty much sleep all night...what a sweetie!

On Friday after the boys came over to play in the morning, we took them to their neighborhood park. It is just perfect for kids their age and we had it all to ourselves when we got there, but in a matter of 30 minutes, it was packed with lots of little kids! Eli went out with his old roommate Cliff that night so I could go to bed early. I think the baby is going through a growth spurt right now because I'm worn out!!
(this is Felix hugging and kissing Emily)
Saturday we met Cliff at Zilker Park and rode the train along Barton Creek! Emily looooved it...just sat quietly and watched for turtles, ducks, and of course people waving. The weather was pretty warm so we let Emily run around for awhile on the playground before we went to a late lunch downtown. Eli's cousin Amy's wedding shower followed with some amazing BBQ from her dad. We took off around 9 for San Antonio's UD Alumni groundhog party, which by the end of the night turned out to be mostly family--always fun!
Sunday was such a beautiful day so we ate lunch out on the balcony and then played for hours. Eli and my dad hung a baby swing for Emily next to the sweetheart swing. Emily played basketball with Aunt Teresa and me while Eli tried to put a baby seat on the back of his bike, but we ran out of time. We went to a family Super Bowl party to cap off a very fun weekend.