Thursday, January 7, 2010

The best is yet to come, and babe wont it be fine!

Happy New Year! 2009 was an unforgettable year that brought more excitement and joy to our lives than we thought possible. Last January we had just settled in San Antonio after living in Dallas on and off for six years. I was a ball of bittersweet feelings--thrilled to be living close to (actually in the same house as) my parents, but bummed to move away from all our UD and mommy friends. Slowly we adjusted to our new life, and now I can't imagine what our lives would be like if we never made the move!

Emily learned how to walk, climb and run. From the moment she awakes in the morning to the second she falls asleep at night, she is in motion. Her mouth also is constantly moving. She not only speaks in complete sentences, but she has a sense of humor too. Diapers, cribs, and pacifiers were proudly left in 2009. The independence and will power of this little girl regularly surprises me. Today she unloaded the dishwasher and then loaded her dirty dishes without me asking. I had no idea how loving a small child could be! She takes better care of Leo than of herself. This morning I heard Leo over the baby monitor just talking up a storm. When I went in to get him, I found Emily snuggling with him in his crib. It is not uncommon that she will try to change his diaper. In daily mass she kneels during consecration, says a very sweet prayer to Jesus thanking him for whatever random thing she can think of, and walks down the isle without hand holding for a blessing during communion. Sometimes it seems like she’s more adult than toddler. And boy--she is adorable singing Twinkle Twinkle and the ABCs.

Leo is on the move. Everyone always says all the milestones come too quick with the second child, and I couldn’t agree more. I still can’t believe that he’s able to sit up and is on the verge of crawling. He can scoot clear across the room like no one’s business. Santa brought him baby food in his stocking, and by the way he chows down, you’d think that he was born with a spoon in his hand. I love his easy-going personality, and the way he tries to grab Emily every chance he gets. His hair is coming in and his sleep stretches are getting longer. It won't be long before he's following his sister's example and getting into lots of trouble!

Eli began his new job with a fantastic company and had lots of free time on his hands after graduating with his MBA. All this free time translated into a very close relationship with the kids and a very happy wife. Oh yeah and that whole house project. Kudos to Eli for painting 50 gallons worth, installing a front door, patching the 2” x 3’ crack in the drywall, assembling numerous blinds and curtains, laying a stepping stone walkway, just to name a few projects.

As for me, I’d say I’ve been busy too. Life with a 2 year old and baby is sometimes hairy, but never dull. There is definitely less time to do, well, any hobbies I had thought possible. But there is definitely lots of time to spend falling in love with my beautiful family. 2010, here we come! We're ready for some new and exciting adventures:)