Wednesday, April 23, 2008

90 mph winds rip through Dallas

Ever wake up at 3:30 am to sirens and trees crashing outside your window? Suddenly you're wide awake and wondering if the sky is supposed to be green. Our brave little Emily was all fun and games (she always is begging to play in the middle of the night) while we sat weary eyed in our bathroom. Luckily we made out ok, but here are a few pics from our neighborhood.

The NICU reunion was so fun...we saw lots of Emily's doctors and nurses who took such great care of her in her 3 month stay. Here's nurse Judy and Emily's friend Bella.

Classic bluebonnet pics. Taken before Josh and Erica's baby shower when she was getting very sleepy :)

Twist and Shout at Lazy Fair

Eli vs. Matt

Getting the hang of rice cereal. She has started to inch towards her toys and can almost sit up! Her favorite thing to do these days in sleep in late (sometimes 9:00!) and skip all naps and stay up late. She unfortunately doesn't know the meaning of the words "sleep train".

Downtown with Anne after our 5K

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Emily's Baptism

The day had finally come for Emily to be introduced to the Catholic Church community! Emily was Baptised on August 15th in an obvious emergency situation by Father Maguire in the NICU.
We really wanted to celebrate the Renewal Baptism Rite in order to have the wonderful Godparents Uncle Marty and Aunt Olivia and friends and family be present. Father Maguire gave a beautiful homily and ceremony, and Emily was so well behaved throughout the whole day! After Father anointed her forehead with oil, Emily gave him a great big smile. A huge thank you to everyone who came up to partake in the Sacrament!!

Teresa and Kyle were in town this past weekend to meet with UD professors and look at condos. Teresa is looking fabulous and glowing with just a little over a month to go until Emily has another cousin.

Hejjo loved looking out over the mall at UD!

Sheri, Olivia and the boys stayed with us on Friday night after Teresa's baby shower given by Katy and Margo. Hejjo loves to run and Felix loves to laugh...they're both very well behaved and typical active boys!

Hejjo was such a great helper in the kitchen!

He also loves his cousin Emily:)

Isn't Caroline precious! Justin and Katy just moved here from Chicago with Caroline at 3 months.

Here are some pics of Emily playing with her friends Sophia and Matthew. They're getting to the age where they can interact with each other! So adorable!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

New Tricks

It's the little milestones in life that really make you Emily learning how to roll over! Eli and I have put her through so much misery laying on her tummy every day--she would scream her little lungs out in protest every time. But one day she just relalized that she didnt mind tummy time, and stayed fairly content laying down for 5 minutes. The next thing we knew she rolled over (even over her hurt arm!).

She's also trying out her new sleep schedule after learning how to regulate her sleeping a little better. This was not a pleasent experience for her either (after spring break she fell apart; too much partying!) But now she's happy as ever and is taking 2 naps a day! And sleeping through the night! YAY!!!

Emily has shown an interest in grabbing new toys and bringing them to her mouth more than ever. She can't lift everything, but little rings are just the right size. We figured that she's ready to try some baby cereal since she was eyeing a piece of bread at dinner. She's still getting used to the cereal, but we're in no hurry!
We love visitors!!