Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Emily's Baptism

The day had finally come for Emily to be introduced to the Catholic Church community! Emily was Baptised on August 15th in an obvious emergency situation by Father Maguire in the NICU.
We really wanted to celebrate the Renewal Baptism Rite in order to have the wonderful Godparents Uncle Marty and Aunt Olivia and friends and family be present. Father Maguire gave a beautiful homily and ceremony, and Emily was so well behaved throughout the whole day! After Father anointed her forehead with oil, Emily gave him a great big smile. A huge thank you to everyone who came up to partake in the Sacrament!!

Teresa and Kyle were in town this past weekend to meet with UD professors and look at condos. Teresa is looking fabulous and glowing with just a little over a month to go until Emily has another cousin.

Hejjo loved looking out over the mall at UD!

Sheri, Olivia and the boys stayed with us on Friday night after Teresa's baby shower given by Katy and Margo. Hejjo loves to run and Felix loves to laugh...they're both very well behaved and typical active boys!

Hejjo was such a great helper in the kitchen!

He also loves his cousin Emily:)

Isn't Caroline precious! Justin and Katy just moved here from Chicago with Caroline at 3 months.

Here are some pics of Emily playing with her friends Sophia and Matthew. They're getting to the age where they can interact with each other! So adorable!

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