Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Top 10

I'm back!! Long story short, my technologically impaired brain finally figured out how to blog on my phone.
Top ten in no particular order:
1. My little chunker can balance all those rolls into a sitting position!
2. My little rascal made her way into a big girl bed. This only came after climbing out of the crib and about 10,000 sleep protests. I'll tell you this: that determination is going to take her FAR in life. Or make her mommy a little nuts:)
3. We unpacked all the boxes in our new house. It is beyond wonderful and we enjoy every minute we are here (even though we've traveled more than we've stayed).
4. The kids survived their first trip to Mississippi. All 18 long hours in the car, but totally worth it to see the pure joy on emily's face while playing with her cousins. Leo met MY newest cousin, Mae Rose, born on exactly the same day.
5. Advent season has a whole new meaning. Singing happy birthday to Jesus and getting a "m" (M&M) after our prayer service is the highlight of the day. We've also decorated a gingerbread house and cookies, and read some fabulous Christmas stories.
6. I've found another amazing thing to love about my husband. He's pretty darn handy. And not afraid to try, and try again. When he's not working, he's either improving the house or playing with the kids.
7. Potty training is still a work in progress, thanks to a busy mommy who forgets about tiny bladders. Emily's "just-tinkled-the-potty" dance makes me wish we could stay home all day.
8. Leo moved to a big crib and sleeps like a champ. He still eats 'round the clock to keep up his chubby figure (size 9 mo. and just turned 5) and I'm relishing the snuggles and giggles he so freely gives. Oh how my heart gushes!
9. I sent out Christmas cards and ordered all gifts online. It's so nice to be on a strict budget and not spend my thoughts absorbed in materialistic ways.
10. My devotion to Mary gets stronger each year around Christmas, especially after giving birth. She rode for days on a donkey, 9 months pregnant. She birthed in hay. She recovered surrounded by field animals. And here I thought my hospital bed was too stiff.
Now that I have the most recent updates out of the way, I can go back to blogging more often. (before some new project steals me away!)
If I can figure it out, I'll start posting adorable pictures of my tiny little loves.
Love and peace this Christmas season!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Beautiful Progress

Fall has finally hit San Antonio and the weather is beautiful. I've yet to see many changing leaves, but the temperature really drops down in the evening. The continuous rain really saved us after almost 60 days over 100 degrees without rain (the last 2 months of my pregnancy!) We've been spending more time going to different parks around the city and just can't wait to have a free weekend to go out to the hill country for a hike.

Emily surprises me all the time with her fearless attitude on the playground. Last week we met Eli for lunch at the park and she climbed up a huge rock-wall without any help! I love to watch her play. She's totally into building blocks right now, and of course still loves playing mommy. If her attention span is good, she'll pretend to grocery shop, cook, feed her baby doll, change her diaper, sing her songs and rock her, read her books. She radiates with love around Leo, who she still calls "brudda". Whenever he starts to whimper she dashes to give him the pacifier and tries her best not to suffocate him with her hugs. She's really becoming a big girl with a new bed and potty training.

Leo is growing up fast--it's hard to believe he's almost 4 months old. He loves to roll and try to sit up alone and is really reaching for toys now. His intensity is really cool...you can tell he's going to have a lot of drive. He's a fantastic sleeper and is packing on the pounds. I think he could give us some pointers on patience!

Our lives lately have been revolving around trying to get our new house fixed up. Eli and I have been heading over after putting the kids to bed at my parents' house. The biggest project we've accomplished is painting--everything from walls to cabinets to garage doors, outside shutters, bathtub/showers, interior doors, all door frames and baseboards. I think it's safe to say we're kind of tired of painting. We lost track of how many gallons, but it's at least 30 gallons. We got new carpet, which really brightens up the place. We've fixed drywall, faucets, pulled out tree stumps, repaired the roof, took off popcorn ceilings, installed new hardware, and put up blinds. Whew...and we've still got a lot of work to do! If we keep working at this same pace, we hope to be moved in before our trip to Mississippi for Thanksgiving.

Other than that, Eli's still traveling almost every week. I dream about the day when I can sit and read or just be bored for a minute. Life however continues to speed by, and we have to enjoy every moment with the kids! At some point I'll post pictures! Emily and Leo enjoyed Halloween as a caterpillar and butterfly and have enough candy to last them until next Halloween!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Counting my blessings

This past week I took the kids to the doctor for their routine checkups. The cold they've been fighting for the past 2 weeks is finally dwindling, and the normal sleep pattern is beginning to return. Thank goodness!! For awhile there, the nose congestion was preventing them from any long block of sleep, and many tears resulted. Poor little kiddies!

What a different attitude you can have about going to the doctor if you have healthy kids. There was a while when Emily would have 3 or 4 doctors appointments a month, and the wait time (2 hours usually) would just kill us. The kids' pediatrician here in San Antonio is great--close by, little wait time, and very sweet and competent doctors. This time we had a great visit. Here's the news:
Leo, 2 months old. Weighs 13lbs 8 oz., and is in the 90th %. He is 22" long, in the 25%.
Emily, 25 months old. Weighs 22 lbs, and for the first time is on the growth chart!! She's a little below 5%. Her height is 33", which puts her at the 25%.

So basically they even each other out. They do that quite often. Leo sleeps all day, while Emily sleeps all night. Emily talks all day, and Leo barely makes a peep. Emily never stops moving, while Leo never starts to move. Perfect kids.

The other great thing that happened this week is that Emily graduated from therapy! She's been receiving occupational therapy once a week for 2 years, starting with helping her learn how to suck (too long with the tube feeding) and sleep (due to a raw nervous system). The therapy changed into helping her crawl (at 13 months) and then walk (at 18 months) and then talk (22 months?). Looking back, it's crazy to think that all I wanted was for her to be able to talk and climb and play. Just give a kid a little time and they'll catch up! She tested at a 29 month old level...what a big girl!

I'm going to miss some of her cute sayings in her munchkin voice...some of which have already phased out.
"wee wee" (go outside)
"bless you emmy"
"crazy corin" (crazy lauren)
"hii my brudda!"

God gave us some cute little kids!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I've been following this great Catholic-mom-blog for some time now, which is written by a group of young Princeton graduates. The posts range from all sorts of different mom topics, and I had to share this article commenting on Ephesians (5:22-25)...
Wives should be subordinate to their husbands as to the Lord. For the husband is head of his wife just as Christ is head of the church, he himself the savior of the body. As the church is subordinate to Christ, so wives should be subordinate to their husbands in everything. Husbands, love your wives,even as Christ loved the church...
It addresses a few important tips on how to have a wonderful marriage. In such an anti-family society plagued by divorce, it's crucial that we have our marriages in tip top shape for the benefit of our children. I think we could all add a few onto this list...tithing...practicing NFP...check it out.


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Family Updates

I just realized today that I haven't posted any news in almost 2 months. The days go by very slow sometimes, but looking back, the months have gone by super fast.

Emily has acquired a whole new slew of words and finally speaks in full sentences. I am literally shocked everyday at her energy level. Trying to wear her out is just impossible, and she tends to get faster and louder and crazier the more tired she gets. Luckily I was able/forced? to learn to juggle 2 kids alone sooner than I felt comfortable. By the time Leo was 2 weeks old we were out and about and I never had time to be afraid. We are ready for the hot weather to end so our outings will be a little more enjoyable:) Emily turned 2 in August, so now we're trying to potty train her. So far she's scared of the potty and now scared of pooping on the floor. She has had a really hard time getting used to all the changes around here and very often acts like a baby and wants to be carried everywhere. I think we're going to hold off for a few weeks on the potty.

Leo is growing into a little chub. I'd guess that at 8 weeks old, he's about 15lbs. and wears the same size diaper as Emily. He's your typical baby...feed him and hold him all day and he's happy. As soon as we can get to our box in storage, I'm pulling out the baby sling. I think he's started to regulate his sleep a little bit with blocks of 3-4 hours of sleeping or being awake at a time. We've all been sick with a cold for the past week, so he could just be trying to recover. He gave us his first smile around 6 weeks, and this morning he started to laugh at me with a towel wrapped around my head. He's such a cutie!

Eli's doing well and excited that we found a house! It's a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house in a nice little neighborhood about 3 miles away from his work, my parent's house, church, and school. The great thing about the house is the space--it is 2200 sq ft! All 4 of us have been living in my childhood bedroom at my parents house for the past 9 months (which is awesome because we were able to save up our money, but a little cramped:) We got an unbelievable deal on the house because it's a foreclosure. I think we've got our work cut out for us, but are excited for the potential. We close September 22, which is Eli's 26th birthday. We're hoping to move in by the end of October.
The other big changes around here are that my sister Mary Clare left for Rome to study with UD at the end of August. One week later my sister Lauren left for Rome too, taking a job as an au pair. My other sisters Teresa and Annie have started school and my mom went to work teaching a spirituality class at JPII, the new Catholic high school in San Antonio. All of a sudden the house is pretty empty most of the time!
Unfortunately I dont have the time to post pics at the moment since Emily is waking up from her nap, but I just posted a new album to facebook that you should check out!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Leopold Peter Has Arrived!!

We are excited to announce the arrival of Leopold Peter Danze!!

Born July 10th at 12:45 pm, Leo weighed 8 lbs. 7 oz. and measures 21 and 1/4in long. Emily warmed up to him quickly and loves to bring him blankets, pacifiers and diapers.

Leo has been a real treat for many family and friends over the past few days. We cannot get enough of this lil wiggle worms' squeaks and funny faces. So far he is eating and sleeping well.

We are honored to name Leo after his great-grandfather. Here is an email from Great-Grandpa...
I am truly honored at your name choice for your little Prince.
Did you know that Leopold means "Peoples Prince", what name could be lovelier?
Leo means royalty and pold means the people, taken from the Greek, Polis.
So yes your little guy is a Prince even in name.

Congratulations again, he'll be a fine companion to beautiful Emily.

-Gpa Leo - pold

Saint Leo the Great and Saint Peter are great Catholic saints that Leo will look to for guidance.

Thank you all for your love, prayers and support.

Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July & Grady Wedding

We had the best 4th of July weekend! Eli had off from work on Friday and we spend a good portion of the weekend just lounging in the pool with the Harkins. This morning I had a dr appt and am 90% effaced and 3 cm dilated. If I don't go into labor before Friday, then I'll be induced at 6am on Friday morning. Today is the feast day of my confirmation saint, St. Maria Goretti, so I'm hoping she'll pull some strings for me:) Also tomorrow is a full moon which changes the barometric pressure, resulting in a lot of deliveries! I'm getting so worn out from contractions all day and night for 7 days straight and my anxiety is building, so I'm ready to meet this little squish:)

Here are the pics from this weekend!

Seana's Bridal Luncheon

Last family portrait of 3?

Bridesmaids vs. Future Husband in Seana Trivia (Jon won!)
Beautiful Grady Ladies

Neighborhood 4th of July bike parade (it was so relaxing that Emily fell asleep in the seat!)

Face painting!
Why, mom? Why would you ever think this would be a fun idea for me????

Dad and Grandaddy napping after racing each other home.
Congratulations Seana and Jon!! What a beautiful wedding and fun reception!
Seana showing off her fireworks shoes
Lots of fun dancing! (Notice glow stick earrings...)
Harkins and Danze girlies
Lauren impressing us with her mad dance skills
38 weeks pregnant, wearing high heels for 8 hours, dancing up a storm...and still no labor.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bye Bye June!

June was packed with lots of family events and celebrations. The first weekend was spent in Houston at my cousin Adam's wedding. It was a very interesting ceremony (part Jewish and part Chinese) followed by a beautiful reception at a safari ranch.
The next weekend was spent in Austin with the Danzes for some of Eli's cousins' graduation party. Somehow those pictures I took have gone missing--along with the camera--but we had a really fun time visiting with the extended family.
On the third weekend Eli took me to spend the night in the same hotel on the riverwalk which we stayed in the night of our wedding. We combined celebrations for father's day, my 25th birthday, our 3rd wedding anniversary, and the coming of the new baby. Emily stayed with my parents, so we had a nice relaxing time eating out at restaurants on the riverwalk, taking a long nap during the day, and ordering breakfast in bed. I don't think we'd had that much time to talk uninterrupted in years!
On Father's Day my parents rented a boat on Canyon Lake--all 4 of my sisters were able to come. Emily cracked me up by pretending to sleep in the lake...it was just too bright to open her eyes! Last weekend we invited over some young family friends who we've recently met to swim and BBQ. We had a great time despite the 103 degree weather!
As far as new baby news, on Monday morning I was 80% effaced and 2 cm dialated. The rest of the day I was having lots of contractions, probably caused by the earlier exam. Tuesday and Wednesday brought several contractions as well, these more painful but still very irregular. We took a tour of the hospital and have my bag packed, and i've been working incredibly hard at keeping laundry done, cooking and shopping done, and things clean. It's not easy having everything ready to go to leave your toddler for two days and expect to have clean clothes and food for a few days after a birth that can come whenever!
Since we didn't have the typical newborn experience last time, Eli has decided to stay with me and the baby in the hospital the entire time. It'll be such a change from Emily's birth! I'm so excited to be able to hold the baby right away, rather than a full week later in the NICU.
So say some prayers for us. On Friday we are throwing a bridal luncheon for Lauren's best friend Seana at the house and Saturday is the wedding. The next Thursday my parents are hosting a summer-associate party here for my Dad's company, and Friday is rehearsal dinner and Saturday is my aunt's wedding...so those blackout dates are a little worrysome as far as childcare is concerned. Because of my heath issues, I'll be induced before July 10th if necessary. The best time to have this baby is today, tomorrow, or Sunday-Wednesday. I hope God gets the memo! :) What baby wouldn't want to see fireworks! Keep posted for baby updates and keep us in your prayers for a safe delivery and a healthy baby!!!

Enjoy the new pictures!
Happy groom, mother of groom, and best man
Always great to see my brother Paul!

The Harkins girls plus our adopted sister MaggieEmily sneaking into the sink to make bubbles Teresa heading to camp for a week

Our weekend getaway!
Ready to go to the Lake!
Me, thinking skinny thoughts between my sissies Annie and MaryLoving the wind blowing through the hair!
Daddy of the year:)

What do you mean I can't just eat dip?
Relaxing and pretending to sleep
Love my Nana!

Our newest SA friends Isabel and Mark, and cute baby Jacque