Friday, May 16, 2008

Supper Club and Mother's Day

Last week we hosted supper club at our house for the Kanes, Alexanders and McBrides. Emily was just a peach the majority of the day when I was getting the house ready, but she definitely needed some attention right around the time when dinner needed to be cooked. Eli's Aunt Joan gave me the Danze family spaghetti and meatball recipe, so I made a double batch with a huge pot. I let it simmer the whole day and eventually it looked like my stove had exploded. There were red splashes all over the cooktop! The dinner was great and we were able to celebrate Calah's birthday at the end of the night.
Mother's Day was wonderful. Eli made me delicious pancakes and washed all the dishes too. I was sick as a dog with a horrible cold but it was nice to have Eli help take care of Emily--he even gave her a bottle and put her to bed for me! As my mom always said, I wish everyday was mother's day.
Emily is coming along in her development. She's working on learning how to sit and can probably sit unassisted for 30 seconds! She is just dying to move and gets quite frustrated if she cant reach something. Everytime we pass a light switch she loves to reach out and flip the switch. We've heard some babbling lately, and maybe even a dada. We started adding solids to her diet but realized quickly that she's allergic to just about everything we've given her--she breaks out in hives all over! Another great achievement is that she's more efficient at nursing and can go 2 to 3 hours without eating after only eating for 20-30 minutes. This is a great relief and we both have more time to play!
We're headed out to Austin tonight and San Antonio tomorrow for my mom's birthday and Mary's graduation!

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