Thursday, January 29, 2009

Our Move to San Antonio

Well it's about time I posted something about the past two months! I've had some technological and camera issues, but so much has happened lately that I have to write now and attach photos later.
The move to San Antonio went great, especially since we had movers to carry out everything downstairs and pack it into the truck. We started at 8am with high energy and a little girl on a sugar high from a poorly made decision by mom to give her donut holes. I think I was pretty overwhelmed at the last moment since we changed the move date a full month ahead of schedule. Plus morning sickness and fatigue took over my ability to think straight and plan ahead to have healthy food ready for Emily! We couldn't have gotten everything packed without the help of our dear friends who we miss so much--Anne, Melanie, Brooke, David and Nichole. Thank goodness Lauren came by the morning of the move to distract Emily, who was confined to the kitchen with me as I deep cleaned the white cabinets and appliances. (I will never ever ever want a white kitchen after cleaning that one!) By 4pm our home filled with 2 years of great memories was empty and sad looking, so we turned in our keys and hit the road. As we drove away Dallas' skyline filled our rear view mirror, and for once it felt just perfect. We had a golden moment that night: the peace of mind that we made a great choice. We have a lot to look forward to in San Antonio, including living close to family, a new career for Eli, a new baby to bring joy to our lives, and a new home in which we will make new memories with our children.

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