Monday, June 13, 2011

The Windy City

So I hate to brag and all, but I can't help it because I'm in serious lalaland. Eli and I just returned from a 5 year anniversary trip to Chicago without the kids. Yes, you read that right...we spent a glorious weekend sans sticky fingers, runny noses, and poopy diapers. We slept in. We ate fabulous food. We conversed without yelling over little people. I did no cooking, laundry, dishes, cleaning, lifting, bending, or grocery shopping.
I take my job seriously. Like most moms, I don't buy into the whole "take time for yourself" gimmick and generally spend every waking (and half of the non-waking) hour with my munchkins. God has blessed me with the responsibility of molding these 3 small humans into His image and likeness and getting them to heaven. This is, um, no small task. And we need a lot of hours to do the job well! So it got me much time have I been spending with my works in progress?
1247 Days, for 12 hours a day (at least!!) means 14,490 hours!!
I think they have spent 2 nights at my parents' house, and a handful of hours with a babysitter. So essentially, leaving them for 4 whole days and nights was just about as strange as leaving both my arms behind at home too.
However, Eli and I prioritize God first, Marriage second, Kids third. The past 5 years have been totally unpredictable and full of ups and down. I never thought we'd have a preemie born at 27 weeks and stay in the NICU for 82 days and need intense health care for over 2 years. I never thought we'd be facing layoffs and leaving our posh Dallas life to move in with my parents. I never thought we'd buy a house and spend every dime and minute fixing it up. I never could have imagined how INCREDIBLY JOYFUL and FULFILLING our lives would be with our little family, and by golly it was time to go away and celebrate!
Naturally we'd been planning this trip for awhile. Then the whole bedrest thing came about and I figured we'd just have to cancel and re-do the trip some other time when miraculously all the stars aligned. But after talking with my OBGYN and my vascular surgeon, they gave me the go-ahead with precaution and sent me away with lots of good advice! (aren't my drs awesome?)
We had the best vacation since our honeymoon. We haven't laughed like that in ages. It felt like we were a bunch of giggly school kids the whole time. Here are some of the highlights:
5 Star Accommodations and Breakfast with Betsy

The Chicago Botanic Gardens

Drinks in the John Hancock tower for sunset

Lincoln Park Zoo & Picnic at the Conservatory

Lunch with my college friend Karen

Rode the Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier

Live music and gelato at Millennium Park

White Sox Game

Museum of Science and Industry

We had so much fun that we've already started to plan our next trip to Chicago--this time with a car full of kids!!


Ashley said...

Wow!!! I can't believe it's been 5 years! Good for you guys! I'm so glad you enjoyed the trip.

Sheila Waterman said...

Wish I could've seen you guys, Kate!!!

Dwija {House Unseen} said...

I love this story and those pictures so much I am literally about to cry. CRY! Awesome. Amazing. Super-de-duper! I'm so happy for you guys :)

Janet Yaceczko said...

That's so awesome! Congrats. I confess, I'm a little jealous! We have never had a night away from the kiddos. We also, however, never had 82 days in the hospital, thank the Lord. Looks like a crazy blast!! Again, congrats on 5 years!

Kate said...

Thanks everyone:) I'm so glad we were able to go bc who knows the next time we'll be able to get away!

Sheila, i'm so sad we missed you! you're such a world traveler these days and we could have had a great time!