Friday, July 29, 2011

Summertime Fun

Can you believe it's almost August? AUGUST!! Us Danzes love summer because we love to keep insanely busy with traveling and super awesome summer projects. Us Danzes also despise summer because it goes waaaay too fast and we're left doing a bazillion procrastinated chores. Like 6 loads of laundry. A day. Fun.

So what on earth have we been doing that's so super awesome??


On Father's Day the kids helped me make pancakes with whipped cream from scratch (if you have not tried this, you must. bisquick + cool whip just ain't cuttin it these days)for Daddy's traditional breakfast in bed. Best dad ever right there.

We also drove out the the Rock to spend Father's Day with Eli's dad and family. As per usual I dropped the ball on getting a picture with the Danzes, but I got lots of sweet Daddy pictures playing with his fearless kids. Thank goodness there's a gate there.

The next weekend we went to Austin to celebrate Great Grandpa Leo's 80th birthday. You know those times when your toddler and preschooler skip naps? By 6pm they're rather fun to be around. I mean, seriously, throw in a fancy restaurant and relatives who actually want to converse and you've got a real party!

But we wouldn't miss this for the world. After all...we did name our firstborn son after Great-Grandpa!

My parents, sisters, and Nona came over to celebrate our 5th anniversary and my 27th birthday. Have you ever tried fondue? YUM! We broke in our new dining room table handed down from my great great aunt...if that table could talk!!

The Harkins reunion came next--in Florida! 28 hours total drive time and the kids did GREAT. I had no idea it was even *possible* to have a tolerable road trip with my kids. We survived with a couple things: movies, dramamine, junk food, and about 10 presents each from the dollar store. Then being the center of 45 Harkins' love and attention was just enough to spoil them completely rotten. Life couldn't get any better! The waves were pretty intense compared to the TX coast, but that didn't stop our sand-diving-wave-jumping-football-throwing kids.

Leo turned 2 at the beach along with his 2nd cousin Mae Rose. He was a champion candle blower-outer.

But Wait! There's More! We spent a weekend in Ft Worth to congratulate my smarty pants sister Lauren's entrance into MEDICAL SCHOOL! We're so proud of her hard work and perseverance.

We've had the best summer ever and fully intend to enjoy every last second of the 2 weeks we have left before school starts!


Kim said...

can I just say that you look STUNNING in that green dress?! Seriously, I want that dress. And if I have to be pregnant in the hot summer to look that good in it- so be it!

Dwija {House Unseen} said...

Wow! You have had an AMAZING summer :D

Kate said...

The green dress is awesome and soooo comfy! It was a birthday gift from my parents. The only thing better than an elastic waistband is no waistband:)