Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Get Informed. Get Active. Get Real

Each new day brings choices. Some easy subconscious choices, others tumultuous life-altering choices. Our family choices are different than friends, and that’s what makes humanity so great. We’re happy to be the home schooling, cloth diapering, NFP practicing, daily mass going Catholics. Most families choose alternative routes, but we don’t blow out their candles to make ours brighter. Without the fundamental freedom to choose different paths in life, we would suffocate. On a daily basis, each of us can stand up and defend our choices.

With the newest conscience law pending, Catholics are outraged to discover that their freedom to act morally according to their most dear belief system has been violated. Moreover, our hands will forced to succumb to what we see as the most serious violation. We know that Amish, Quakers, and Christian Scientists have exceptions to laws because of their beliefs, and Catholics need them too. For over 2000 years the Catholic Church has chosen to protect life, and there’s no chance we’re stopping now. Even if you’re not Catholic, please realize that this issue opens the door to so many other injustices and attacks on our constitutional rights. Please take the time to sign this petition: www.stophhs.com

Regardless of what our nation’s administration says, I think overall our nation chooses life. We’ve seen it in the recent Casey Anthony case--people across the board value life. We value justice, and will not tolerate murder. What is so startling is that that same poor soul in heaven could have been lawfully murdered in utero with the pop of a couple pills, and not many would have blinked. Because it’s legal, so therefore it must be ok. But it doesn’t have to be.

We all have the obligation to do our part in improving humanity. There are multiple ways the prolife movement needs help. First and most importantly, prayer is needed to change the laws and change the hearts. Aid at every stage of abortion is needed: pre-natal care, safe havens for pregnant mothers, prayer warriors to stand in peace before the abortion clinics, post-abortive care for women and men, and more.

Eli and I have chosen to help educate the pro-life youth, and are trying to change lives. We are blessed to be a part of planning San Antonio’s Get Real pro-life youth conference on March 25th. This year we’re thrilled to be hosting Dr. Janet Smith, an internationally renowned speaker on bioethics and pro-life teachings who has appeared on Fox Morning News, CNN, and EWTN. San Antonio Coalition for Life’s President Amy Vorhees will share what abortion clinics are keeping secret. We’ll be teaching students how to defend life and bring a Get Real pro-life club to their campus.

How can you help? Can you pray for the success of the conference? Could you pass along the conference information to a friend and help spread the word?
We all have different gifts, and we need to use them. Let's start TODAY.

Get Informed. Get Active. Get Real.

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