Friday, November 30, 2007

Go Cowboys!

Last night we watched the Cowboys game over at Pawel's house. I was a little nervous about bringing Emily over to lots of loud cheering because lately she hasn't been getting much sleep. Her acid reflux is getting worse--half the food she eats doesn't stay down, which makes her very fussy and hungry again in 30 minutes (which means no good sleeping pattern). We're also worried about her gaining less than a pound in nearly a month, even though we love love love her being so tiny!

So our pediatrician suggested that we get a second opinion from a different Gastro-Intestinal doctor at Children's Medical Center of Dallas. We're so excited because Emily will be tested with a Baruim Swallow X-ray which shows where the milk goes once its swallowed. The poor little baby had a tendency to aspirate the milk into her lungs and obviously stop breathing...causing her heart to slow...not good. So this test will hopefully help us to see if her medicines are working and help us to make our sweet Emily a little more comfortable!

So it turns out that Emily slept like a log at the Michniewski's house and we all had a great time! Go Cowboys!

We're looking forward to a great weekend of the first Sunday of Advent together as a family:)

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