Sunday, December 9, 2007

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

We have had quite a busy few days lately. On Friday the Early Childhood Intervention team came over to assess Emily's development and make sure she's on par with her gestational age. She was very cooperative and even did some tricks like copying mom sticking out her tongue. Emily can do all sorts of things now--she lifts up her head and turns it side to side while lying on her tummy, she responds to mom's voice when she's crying, and she loves to look at black and white patterns. And most of all, she's sleeping for one 3-hour block each night!!! This is so important because that means that her GERD (reflux) is getting under control! She is still having a hard time getting on a regular schedule. Right now she eats every hour for 10 minutes from 5am to about 11am, then tries to sleep and eat every 2 hours until about 7pm when she starts eating on and off until about 11pm. A LITTLE CRAZY!!! My favorite time with Emily is in the morning because she is so smiley...too bad I'm always delirious. haha
Saturday was a fun day with the family in downtown Dallas. Anne's parents were in town to visit so we had coffee with them while they played with Emily. Then we walked in a park where a Rugby game was going on (Eli was very sad he wasn't playing). Emily even got to join mom in her girls night over at Melanie's house. The sun was shining and the weather was perfect--unlike today's cold and windy weather. Perfect for staying inside and watching the cowboys play.

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