Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Supper Club and New Doctors

So I think you really feel like you've grown up fast when you're sitting at a table with 4 couples all talking about their baby's newest feat, dirtiest diaper, or how you've only had 2 hours of sleep in days. Eli commented on his appreciation for the Alexander's dishes and I knew it was official-kegs and "the Belt" had no longer been the main topic of conversation--we stepped through the threshold of adulthood. If you find me searching for one of my many pairs of reading glasses or sipping prune juice anytime soon, please help me get back to my youth. Regardless of the sudden epiphany, it was refreshing to sit amongst people who didn't babble and squeal when you coo in their face (not that I dont love Emily's gentle voice!). We had chinese food from scratch...talk about hard work! I think Kayla and Meaghan were on their feet for something like 10 hours straight, but it was well worth the wait for a delicious meal. Poker followed the meal until everyone's red-rimmed eyes were getting heavy and the babies woke up for their middle of the night feeding. Eli and I are hosting next and we have to admit that we're a little intimidated after such a great night!
Monday marked Emily's 6 month birthday, as well as the Emily's conception date...weird huh! We changed pediatricians and absolutely love the new doctor. It was fun talking about "regular" baby things (as opposed to her sodium levels or her delayed reflexes). Table food and sleeping through the night are in our near future and it's hard to believe that time flies so quickly.
I saw the only NFP only doctor in the metroplex yesterday and was pleased that he had alternative solutions to the birth control pill. Once I found out that he wasnt in my insurance network I almost cried, but he spent a full 2 hours with me adding together the pieces of my puzzle so I wouldnt have to come back to him for another 6 months!
I was thrilled with Emily's physical therapy session this morning. She tolerated tummy time for almost 2 minutes and can hold up her head for a few seconds at a time. Just amazing!!!

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