Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Nana's Visit, Groundhog, and Superbowl

There's been so much going on lately that we barely have a second to sit down! I think the most exciting news is that we found a new pediatrician in-network for Emily who has approved her Synagis shot for RSV (saving us $1800!) My mom came up to visit last Friday to watch Emily so I could go to the hospital. She's so wonderful--she made me some great soup and then cleaned our apartment when I was gone. After being a little discouraged from my OBGYN pushing the pill on me so many times, we've discovered that there is a NFP only doctor a block away who is in our network as well...a God send.
Saturday of course was the day I had been looking forward to for a long, long time...Groundhog! Lauren was absolutely phenomenal at her powderpuff game and proved to be a lot more intense and hilarious than I remembered from 2 years ago. We had to leave suddenly just after she tackled the life out of some girl and almost tore her own ACL. I was so worried for the rest of the night until I saw her as happy as a clam out at Groundhog park. Anne was so generous and offered to babysit Emily while Eli and I went out (which made for the second time we got to go out without the baby!) but we missed both of them. There were quite a few alumni at Groundhog and I was on top of the world...more social interaction than I've had in forever!! We got home pretty late and met Marty and Olivia at 9am mass the next day with only 2 hours of sleep and no food in our bellies, so needless to say, we didn't feel the greatest.
Of course the Superbowl was awesome too, even though inside we were crying that we should be watching the Cowboys. We went over to Greg's party and had so much fun (he had lots of great junkfood, chips, coke, even frozen snickers bars...I was a happy girl!!) And what a game! We knew that after the catch off the helmet the game was going to be awesome!
Today marks the first day of lent, a time for personal penance and the season of baptismal preparation and baptismal renewal.

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Peggy said...

(from Teresa) Wow, she's actually grabbing things! She's so cute, and she's getting bigger. It's time for Emily to come for another visit to San Antonio.