Tuesday, July 8, 2008

4th of July

We had a very fun weekend with the Danzes in Fredricksburg and out at the Rock! Here are some of the pictures...more to come:)

Grandma and PaPa and the Horseraces

The Lemieuxs

Great Grandpa going up in flight in a similar plane 50 years after his service in the Air Force. What a July 4th treat for all kids and grandkids seeing Grandpa in action! (video below)

Climbing Enchanted Rock

Uncle Marty and Hejjo at the Rock

Emily's first fishing trip

She caught the first 2 fish!

Great Grandma and Emily

Aunt Joan and Great Grandpa

Cousin Leah and the delicious food!

Emily really loves Gwendolyn

The newest addition Aidan

Eli's childhood home in Taylor

Isn't it beautiful?

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