Monday, July 28, 2008

Another sad goodbye

Our dear friend Karen moved to Chicago this past weekend. We are so excited for her to be moving to our favorite US city, but were sooo incredibly sad to see her go. We first met in Rome and roomed together or very close ever since. In fact, for the past year she's been living about 100 steps away! She has been such a great friend and we've been able to support each other greatly over the years--she went with Eli to pick out my engagement ring, we carried her down the stairs when she broke her leg, she loved Emily like her own and has been our only babysitter. Not to mention she's been my workout buddy for the past 2 years! We've had lots of good times and it just wont be the same without her. We wish her luck at her new job as junior paralegal at an immigration law firm in downtown Chicago!

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