Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Emily learns to crawl

You know how everyone always says "oh enjoy your baby when she cant go anywhere!" or "you'll be sorry you wished she could crawl!". Well I think I can honestly say that my life is much easier and Emily's life is much happier now that she is mobile. Just imagine a baby with a very active mind who wants to get into everything but is stuck. For awhile Emily wouldn't let me put her down...she needed me to take her around to explore. Now that she can move, she can entertain herself for like 10 minutes at a time! It's so fun watching her slowly inch herself across the room!
We’ve had a bit of bad luck with our cars lately. Early in the week someone tried to steal our car. They were unsuccessful (thank goodness!!!) but ended up breaking the window and ripping out the steering column, which cost $1000 to repair. It turned out to be a big hassle trying to get it towed to the car shop. The first tow truck guy ripped off the bumper, harassed me, tried to charge me $50 to put it back on, and when I said no he unloaded the car and crashed into it and fled the scene. This was after Emily and I stood out in the 100 degree heat for 3 hours (poor little baby). So the cops were called and another tow truck came, but couldn’t get the car loaded because of the position it was in from the first tow truck. So finally everything was worked out with the 3rd tow truck that night. I enjoyed driving Eli to work in the mornings—30 minutes of time to do nothing but talk! It was great!
We had a pretty full weekend--we are trying to find more free things to do in Dallas so I can get out of the house. As much as I love being home with Emily, I still find myself overwhelmed when I don’t talk to or see anyone besides Eli for days. I go to mass everyday and try to take Emily to the park too, but there aren't too many moms my age with a baby who stay at home and don’t have grandma at their fingertips. I imagine things will change when Eli can spend more time with us after he graduates in December! Yay! Anyway so we went to run on the Katy Trail in Dallas on Saturday and went to visit Anne afterwards. On Sunday after mass, Lauren had us over to her new apartment for a BBQ. Old mill hasn’t changed much except that they painted the exterior. Quite a trip down memory lane--we could remember all the apartments of our friends and all the good times we'd had on the circus (more or less the courtyard). Later on we went to the mall Grapevine Mills and walked around Old Town Grapevine. Pretty cool...lots of wine tasting shops and boutiques.
Both Emily and Eli are sick with a cold/bronchitis/strep. Eli went to the doctor yesterday and is on antibiotics and stayed home from work. Emily as usual is having a hard time sleeping and I don’t think she's fully adjusted to being back from vacation. She's been waking up at least 3 times in the middle of the night to nurse. Although she's been taking 2 pretty good naps everyday so I cant complain! :)

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