Monday, August 25, 2008

Mary Moves to Dallas!

Mary Clare was just born ready to be in college...and now it seems like time sped by! She's the 4th Harkins to be at UD too. It must be strange to my parents to have more kids living out of the house than in--and half in Dallas at that! This year at UD there will be 5 Fagan-cousins, and more in the area, which will make our family days so much more fun!

We had a nice dinner on Saturday night when everyone arrived and afterwards Emily opened her birthday presents from Nana and Grandaddy. On top of some clothes, she got a cool table that has interchangeable discs that have all sorts of buttons and switches to push that light up and sing. It's perfect for her because she needs to work on pulling herself up and it's just the right height. Nona gave her a cute little piano which she loves too. It plays tons of kids songs and the keys light up. Aunt Mary gave her some Mother Goose and Spot books that, of course, she wont let me read to her but she likes to chew on them.
Yay size 1 shoes fit!

On Sunday after mass we went to a cajun restuarant for food "so good you'll slap your momma." It reminded me of good ol Mississippi cooking...mmmm.
I think Elil's holding up something spicy (hence the spicy face) Newyly adopted sister Amanda

Last week Emily spent most of her time crawling around the whole house. She's pretty quick these days and loves to eat every speck off the ground. I think she's also trying to compete with Eli and I on eating...she seriously never stops (and neither to her diapers!) and she finally has cut her first tooth on the bottom. Yesterday she had her 12 month checkup. She weighs 15.5 lbs and is 27" long. She grew 3 inches in 3 months but hasn't put on much weight, probably because she never stays still! We need your prayers on one more medical issue that's come up, and are hoping to avoid surgery, especially since she's due for surgery next year on her hemangioma. After a lot of research on all the medications Emily has taken, Eli and I have developed a "wait and see" attitude combined with more of a natural remedies solution as opposed to commercial drugs. I think we've had some bad luck with the meds (one has been recalled, and most other gave her severe reactions).

We had a playdate at the arboretum this week and enjoyed one of the last $1 days. Rebecca and Sophia joined us and we had a blast! We will definately have to come back very soon.

We fed the fish bread...Emily just wanted to eat it herself!
Standing up all by herself!

Isn't Sophia adorable!? She's such a sweetie.

Busy playing in the fountain

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