Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

We love holidays, especially those which honor the continuous hard work of Americans to make our country so wonderful. We had a very productive and fun weekend that just flew by. On Friday night we had dinner with my school teacher friend Melanie and her mom. She had just finished the first week of school...I miss teaching! My sweet little kindergarteners are now in 2nd grade and I still think about them all the time:) Anyway the last time we were at her house I was still pregnant with Emily and we played taboo so loudly that the lights hooked up to the clapper flashed on and off a million times. On Saturday we ran errands as a family and that night I went out with my girlfriends--always a fun time!

Sunday was Mary Clare's birthday so we celebrated with all the UD cousins over at Lauren's. Mass then lunch then ladderball. School's about to start so kids were moving in and the freshmen were getting nervous. Those were the just don't realize how good you have it until it's over!

Monday we went to the neighborhood pool which was awesome. There's a zero entry pool that Emily could crawl into and tons of fountains that she loved. Eli and I loved the enormous waterslides and visiting with the McBrides. Yay for 4 day weeks!!!

Emily loves to read!

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