Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The most beautiful time in San Antonio

Life with a toddler is very entertaining to say the least! Emily has really blossomed in San Antonio and is far from the baby she used to be in Dallas. I think she was putting so much effort into learning how to walk that her verbal and comprehension skills were on hold. Today she can understand a lot of basic commands (drink your milk, sit down, etc.) and selectively ignores others (don't eat dog food, don't climb on the table, etc.). Her vocabulary is starting to form, and she learns about one word a week--pretty darn good for a preemie! Our temporary home is tons bigger than our old tiny apartment and is far from baby-proofed, so she has a lot of fun getting into everything all day long. Unfortunately that means that I rarely sit down, but hopefully Emily will begin to learn a little discipline:) We had our 20 week ultrasound with the perinatologist a few weeks ago and I was amazed at how much this baby was moving. We could barely get any measurements (and I couldnt get any good pics) because for the full 30 minutes he flipped frontwards and backwards. I say "he" in the generic term because we are hoping not to find out the gender. When we finally got a headshot from a birdseye view, we could see his little ears sticking out:) I've started to receive weekly shots of progesterone as a preventative measure against preterm labor. The shots are not a guarantee, but we'll do anything we can to go the full 40 weeks. Please keep us in your prayers! More than ever now I'm starting to feel the "ok-i-think-i'm-in-labor" with back pain and contractions, but after seeing my obgyn yesterday, she assured me that for right now, everything looks fine. I'm trying to take it easy but am finding myself a little crazy at the end of the day if I dont get out of the house. This month has really flown by while we made it our goal to enjoy some of the wonderful things about San Antonio while spring has sprung! Emily and I have been to the zoo a few times with family and with our new friends Nicole and Lucy (10 mo.) Downtown at San Fernando cathedral we had a special blessing by Archbishop Gomez for Emily and the new baby. We've been to Austin a few times to see Eli's family, and they came down to the zoo once too! One weekend we visited Dallas, which just made me really sad that I don't have my friends and 2 sisters nearby anymore. Emily had a lot of fun playing with her baby friends Caroline and Sophia. Here in San Antonio we're trying to meet new people, but I've found that it's a lot harder than I thought. I guess it may be because most 24 year olds are not married with a toddler and pregnant with their 2nd baby. But nevertheless we will continue to thank God a million times a day for His blessings! We'll post pics soon...just put a new album up on facebook!

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