Tuesday, April 21, 2009

To Dallas and Back

Our Dallas trip was just too short! We drove in Thursday night for Eli's conference on Friday and basically still don't understand why Emily cries/whines the whole way. I guess that never stops us though and we try to make her as comfortable as possible! On Friday Emily and I snuck off to meet up with our friends Rebecca and Sophia. Rebecca was looking great, despite being 40 weeks pregnant! The girls had a lot of fun and we were able to just kind of sit back and relax while they played. That evening we had dinner with my sisters Mary Clare and Lauren at my favorite BBQ place...yes, the pregnancy cravings definitely crept in that weekend! Emily had a grand ol time running around the whole restaurant like a chicken with his head cut off. God bless Eli for chasing her, and thanks to the wait staff for humoring us. That night I enjoyed some quiet time in the hotel while Eli went out with some of his coworkers who were also there for the conference.
Reading the extended version of Emily's favorite "The Foot Book"
Obsessed with croissants!
Saturday we headed over to Eli's sister Teresa's house for a beautiful breakfast along with Eli's Aunt Joan and her family. Emily really loves her cousin Aidan, who is almost 1 year old and starting to cruise around the house. He's so funny to watch! After Emily napped at Lauren's, we went to confession at UD to take advantage of the plenary indulgences of Devine Mercy Sunday. Lazy Faire and Mallapalooza were going on too, so we hung around as long as Emily let us and then hit the road back home.
Cuddly girl after a nap
The rest of the week so far has been pretty usual. On Monday I saw my OBGYN who says that only now am I 27 weeks, and that the baby is just measuring a week or two bigger than that. I had a bad experience with the glucose test to test for gestational diabetes and have to go back on Thursday again. The test requires you to fast beforehand, and even though I got to the office early, they were too busy to test me in time for the glucose to take effect, so by the time I left at 3pm I thought I was going to faint and die. Looking back, I shouldn't have driven home, but had a huge binge as soon as I hit the front door. Thank goodness my mom could watch Emily...I think I would have lost it!!!

We tried out the pool yesterday and I'm extremely relieved to say that Emily is officially scared of the water. It was pretty cold, and she didnt want to get in, and she was terrified everytime Eli would go under. This was perfect because she's so fast that I thought she would definitely learn to open the door and run out and jump. So today I'm going out there again...just to sit and relax and have some peace of mind! :)

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