Friday, May 8, 2009

April Pics

Sorry these pictures are a little old and very out of order...

Playing with cousins at Grandma and Papa's house!

Emily's death stare #1

Emily's death stare #2

Don't they look alike?

Climbing into the fountain
Hejjo turned 3 last month!

Easter Sunglasses shot

5 months later and still obsessed with the baby

Easter mass with the Harkins

Harkins girls

Auntie helping to search for eggs

We usually all cram into the staircase for this picture...but it rained the night before

Hey...I found an egg! Notice adorable wings from Nana and Grandaddy

Italian dinner on the balcony. (note...Annie trying to be cool by holding wine glass. also note Teresa holding the rice crispy eggs she decorated)
A bubble popped right on her face...oops! :)

Dying eggs. yes, I married the one drinking the dye...that explains a lot! :)

Bunny ears!

Family photo

Teresa's 11th birthday barge ride down the SA river

Lunch at Rainforest Cafe (that place is awesome!!!)

Grandaddy sharing his birthday ice cream

For her 11th birthday, Teresa donated 11 inches of hair to Locks of Love!

My Godson Charlie's 4th birthday ride on Brackenridge train

It was hot!

Emily loved it...she was very still the whole time

Other party-goers

Emily insisting on eating yogurt by herself.

Our little climber

Annie's 17th birthday present!

Newest addition to the Fagan clan: Theodore Augustine, born March 17th. He slept through his entire baptism day!
Jumping on the bed with Fagan cousins

Fiesta King William Parade

Classic Emily skeptical face
Eli loooved the parade and took a million pictures...

Daddy holding up Em for a better view

Annie's Junior Prom that night

Grandaddy's company picnic at Battle of Flowers Parade

Melty fudgepop:) She had a death grip on my arm

Battle of Flowers Parade

Feeding the ducks with Lucy at Brackenridge Park

Very courageous ducks...thanks to Emily handing them an entire piece of bread...

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