Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Contagious Sweetness

It's happening. I didn't think it'd come so soon, but it hit me hard this week: it's my energy crisis. As in, when I'm at 9am mass I'm already beyond exhausted. Mommy-guilt is setting in hard...crankiness is spreading quickly. If you don't know Emily, I'll let you in on a little secret. She has just about the sweetest temperament possible. Here are some examples.
1. When she spills her milk, on her own accord she runs to get a towel and cleans up the mess entirely.
2. She puts herself in time-out. She sits in the corner and says "no-no" while wagging her finger, then comes to give me a hug.
3. When Sweetie our dog needs to be taken out, Emily will stand patiently at the driveway, clapping and yelling "wee wee" until she's safely back in the house.
4. Her favorite activities are unloading the dishwasher, doing laundry, and cleaning. And rocking her babydoll while singing "rock a bye baby"
5. She says hi to everyone about a hundred times a day. 9 people live in this house...she's very busy being friendly.

So don't you think she deserves to be taken to the park? I used to take her 3 times a week. Zoo? Every Tuesday. Storytime? Every Wednesday. This week, the only place she's been besides mass is strapped into a shopping cart at Target for 20 minutes. I nearly passed out from heat exhaustion after playing in the backyard for 30 minutes today. Pregnancy is wearing me down! I guess this is God intended training for the sleep deprivation to come in the next few months. Thank you God for sending me the most adorable child in the world.

And a side note...Good news!! Emily has been receiving occupational therapy 5 times a month, and has caught up to speed and will only need it 3 times a month. YAY!!! Also, I had my last dr. appt with the specialist today, so I'll go to only one appt. a week with my OBGYN. Less things for me to do = happier mom.

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