Monday, September 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Eli!!!

This weekend we celebrated Eli's 28th birthday! We had a really great night beginning with mass was concelebrated by Archbishop Gustavo and Bishop Cantu at San Fernando Cathedral. Following mass we were thrilled to be able to attend the JPII CHS gala honoring Karl Keating, the founder of Catholic Answers. Mr. Keating's speech inspired us to continue to live an authentic Catholic life despite what society and history suggests.

On Saturday we took advantage of the cooler weather (ya know, below 100*) and treked down to the Pearl Farmers Market. We had a nice little picnic down by the river and played soccer in the park!

And as if that wasn't a great day so far, we topped it off with a visit to the Children's Museum! Here's our little construction workers after operating the dump truck.

On Sunday my parents had us over for yummy steaks and a swim.

Happy 3 week birthday Max!

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