Thursday, September 29, 2011

So long gallbladder, it was nice knowing ya

My body is a jerk. An innocent little organ is being rejected and it's putting up a good fight to stay. Apparently there are these things called polyps which have grown thanks to my cells dumping healthy cholesterol on my gallbladder. They're pretty harmless except that they're too big and may turn into gallstones eventually. Even though passing stones sounds like buckets of fun, I had to make a decision. So the poor little guy will have to go tomorrow during the procedure to repair the hernia caused by growing gigantic children.
What's even more fun? Being away from my 3 week old. He's so sweet and squeaky, smells like heaven, and is the most beautiful symbol of hope in the world. You'd think I'd be ok with this, seeing as how I was away from Emily for 82 days while she was in the NICU. Tomorrow we'll be apart for about 5 hours and I choke up just thinking about it. Please pray that my lil chubbs will be good for his Daddy!
On that note...
Here's some snuggly pictures!!


Olivia D {The Road to Poland} said...

I had to be away from Lina for about 6 hours when I had my kidney stone ordeal of '09, she was 8 weeks old... it was horrible! It might seem silly to get worked up over just a little time away but it's not. I hope recovery is quick and smooth!

Dwija {House Unseen} said...

How are you doing, Kate??

Kate said...

I know what you mean Olivia!! I'm doing better...still recovering. I'm such a wimp:)