Sunday, October 30, 2011

Brahma Parade

Each year we look forward to the high school parade down our street, and in years past we've camped out with family and friends in our front lawn. This year, the hubby was out of town. Since we've upped the ante with another child, I decided to make life easy and just run outside when we could hear the band. Emily and Leo were so excited that they could barely eat their dinner, and their necks were craned towards the front window nearly the whole day.

Finally as the band was getting close, we found a spot and Emily began to yell "Hook em Horns!"--her Daddy would be proud. The whole longhorn vs. brahama discussion was for some reason not convincing to her.

This happened to be the day they were locked in the car, and Emily was convinced that the very same fire truck that rescued her would be leading the parade that evening, hence the look of dispair in her face.

I wish I had better pictures, but once candy was thrown in their direction, it was all over!

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