Thursday, November 3, 2011

Our Pumpkins in the Patch

October finally brought some tollerable temperatures in south TX, meaning we wouldn't be scorching hot as long as we made it inside by lunchtime. One of our favorite traditions is a daytrip out to our local apple orchard/pumpkin patch. The drive is beautiful into the hill country and you can even see a couple (ok maybe like 2) trees with fall foliage. The pumpkin patch includes everything from painting pumpkins, hayrides, puppet shows, and insanely good apple ice cream.
Good ol' Dad. Takin' one for the team.

I think we learned more about apples than pumpkins that day. Makes me want an apple tree in our backyard! See the orchard in the background?

Why are my kids the ones who are always fearless--or clueless-- and trying to get in the petting zoo pen? Last year Leo's hand was almost eaten by a cow. This year, it was a pot belly pig.

We never take pictures in front of these cheesy backgrounds. This just happens to be the only picture I can think of with me and all my babies.

Good times:)

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