Friday, January 11, 2008

Grandma's Visit

Yesterday Eli's mom came up to Dallas for a short but busy visit. I was totally amazed that we were out of the house by 10am (usually impossible but so much easier having a helping hand!!!) Emily really has taken to Sheri and smiles a lot--Grandmas are the best! We checked out some houses in our neighborhood for Kyle and Teresa, who will be moving to Irving this summer. We really love our area with the canal that we walk by everyday, the convenient shopping nearby, and the quick trip to downtown on the weekends. We also went to get Emily's blood drawn again, and after lots of screaming, crying and poking with needles, the nurse gave up and we'll go back next week. Emily totally passed out and didn’t make even a peep during mass and lunch afterwards.
I found the most adorable pictures of Felix and Hejjo, Emily's two cousins. Hejjo is very active and curious, and is very much a social butterfly. Eli and I had fun pulling him in a wagon at the Rock and running around the barn. He will turn two in March, while Felix will be 4 months old in late January. Felix is quite the character too--he is a strong little guy very interested in shiny things on your clothing. Extremely strong, he is also very pleasant and definitely living up to his name. Olivia says that they are starting to play together--amazing!

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