Monday, January 28, 2008

She slept through the night!

Yes, that's right. Emily didn't wake up until 8am--and went to bed at midnight!!! She must have been exhausted from playing with Lauren's roommates while Eli and I went to mass at UD. I have to admit though, we didn't exactly put her down early on Saturday either...Eli invited a few guys over for poker, and it turned out to be a full house. We let Emily have her friends over too, so she stayed up late to play with Matthew. This picture is of them standing on the coffee table--for being a week younger than Emily, he sure is a tall one!
Realizing that we haven't taken a video of Emily's newest feat (standing up and holding up her head), we were trying to get her to smile. You'll have to watch the video to find out what happens. She has this new drooling thing going on and she's starting to imitate sounds. Yesterday at family brunch Lauren was cooing at her, and while asleep Emily would make the same sound back! She's definitely finding out what her voice can do and how much mommy loves it when she shrieks.

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