Monday, January 7, 2008

An Update on Emily

I think it's been awhile since I've updated Emily's great progress. She's hit some big milestones for a preemie: no more formula is needed for extra calories and her heart monitor will be gone this week! Although another Synagis shot was needed this morning to protect her from RSV, we were thrilled to discover she weighs 8lbs 10 oz!! After a visit to the plastic surgeon, we have decided to remove the ulcerating hemangioma on her left arm and laser the one on her right hand some time this year. Emily saw her speech therapist who performed the Barium Swallow X-Ray, showing her latch-on is weak and her sucking pattern is still disorganized, but we're working on strengthening her muscles. Good news is that she's not aspirating as much anymore and her acid reflux medicines are working! (Hence, gaining almost a full pound in a month!)

Emily looks so healthy and happy--and is so well behaved. We feel more comfortable taking her to public places now, and we can pass her around to our friends and family just like other newborns. Loving the attention, Emily now smiles, giggles, and coos constantly! When the Early Childhood Intervention team assessed her last week, they said that her development is improving. She loves to look at faces and black and white patterns, she can hold her head up and she brings her hands to her mouth. I love the way she can communicate with us...she has distinct cries for being tired, hungry, or when she wants the mobile to keep going. (haha!) Emily is also sleeping more in the night and is awake and alert during the daytime. She really enjoys her swing and her afternoon walk to the library, and of course, playing with Daddy!

Here's the video I made for Eli for Christmas.


Karen said...

I LOVE the new videos! Keep them coming! :)

Peggy said...

How come you never told me about this blog before?!! This is the stuff that grandmothers LIVE for! I love the photos of Emily that show the true color of her hair. She's going to be a strawberry blond beauty. <3 from Nana