Thursday, October 23, 2008

Alumni Weekend

A few weeks ago the University of Dallas held their annual Alumni Weekend. It wasn't a special anniversary year for Eli and me, but it was my Uncle Will's 20th anniversary. What's cool about UD is that the students and professors are very close-knit, and tend to keep in touch for a lifetime. You meet several "legacy" families which makes the UD world very small and wonderful. UD has been making a lot of changes lately, but the same traditions remain.

10 great things I miss about UD:
1. The faith life--several students go to mass, adoration, and pray the rosary everyday
2. Genuine People
3. The Rome Semester (including exploring Europe and falling in love)
4. Reading the classics--Plato, Aristotle, Dante, Homer, Nietzsche, Locke, Cervantes, Aquinas, just to name a few
5. Watching Eli play Rugby
6. Groundhog
7. Charity Week--the jail, male auctions, tuck-ins, shave-offs, air-band
8. TGIT--where else could you find $1 beers and live music?
9. The Mall and Cap Bar
10. Mallapalooza, Octoberfest, Battle of the Bands

Here are some pics from that weekend when Uncle Will, Aunt Jacquie and the boys stayed with us:
Charlie and Colman Colman (my first cousin) is 8 months older than Emily
Playing cards with my Godson.
Check out her 1982 UD Shirt!
My Dad is a Winner! (Eli's position is Winger...)
Aunt Lauren, Cousin Clare, Aunt Mary, Emily and me watching Eli play in the Alumni Rubgy game.

Trying to run around with the boys! Align Center

Trying to send telepathic messages to the baby in utero to be a girl.

Good ol' Club Schmitz

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