Wednesday, October 8, 2008


The first thing on our new budget was adjust to being less entertained. You have no idea how difficult this was for us! We are in our early 20s, still live in our college town, and still hang out with our single college friends who don't often worry if they're spending money that was meant to pay the pediatrician. Eli and I have always been "doers"--every trip we take is jam-packed, and every weekend we try to find something new in Dallas. Naturally our activeness outside the home was put to a halt when Emily was on medical house-arrest from November to April of last year.

We absolutely loved being together as a family doing nothing but hanging out in our apartment. In fact, that's all we dreamed about when we put up a privacy screen around Emily's isolette in the NICU and tried to drown out the alarms and crying of the other 15 babies in her room. However, when the flu and RSV season came to a close, you betcha we were out trying to make up for lost time.

Can you see the screens in the background?

This is where trouble starts, and the costs pile up. We all can enjoy the free and simple pleasures in life. Here are some of the activities we do to try to get out of the house:

-Go for a walk around your neighborhood. We are so lucky to be close to a jogging trail on the water which has beautiful landscaping. Emily loves to feed the ducks and turtles.

-Make use of your public library. Free internet, free books, free magazines, free movie rentals, storytime, nighttime classes for adults.
-Have a game night--way better than going to see a movie together where you don't talk.
-Go to the parks or museums when they are free or discounted.
-Volunteer for a good cause. Right now 40 Days for Life is holding prayer vigils outside abortion clinics. Not only will you be helping others, but you will understand the meaning of true happiness.

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