Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Getting Back to Normal

After a bit of chaos, routines are beginning to fall back into place. Tons of progress has been made and today you'd really never know that Emily had surgery just days ago. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday she just really wanted to be held and loved, and she wasn't her usual cheerful self. On Sunday she started eating like a horse, was sleeping more through the night, and was wrecking havoc on the apartment...the calmness was nice while it lasted! Here are some pictures from the hospital and what her arm looks like today.

Showing off her ankle bracelet
Getting woozy
Being rolled away
In a lot of pain

The wound with dissolvable stitches. It should lay flat in a month.

Saturday was wonderful. This is the first Saturday in what feels like a million years that Eli has been in his pjs at the breakfast table. Let me tell you...this was so weird!! He turned in his final capstone project this week, which made him FINISHED WITH HIS MBA. I admire all those wives out there with children whose husbands are in school full time and work full time. Eli and I have learned to make the most of the 15 minutes a day we spend together. Now we'll have to readjust to being together more often--although Eli's anxious to start a new project now. (we'll see how long that lasts! heehee)

Our friends Katy and Justin had a fall party during the day, which was perfect for Emily (although she was still a little cranky). We were able to see a lot of good friends and their babies, and maybe even for the last time. Our little nephew Aidan was the star of the show with his sitting up and crawling abilities...I love him!

That night we went downtown to a great tapas restaurant for the Capstone Party. I was finally able to meet Eli's client--and new employer in San Antonio!!--and the rest of his class. We had a blast and were exhausted at the end of the night...thanks to Elizabeth for babysitting!

Sunday we met Eli's parents and sister's family for mass and pancakes. Sheri stayed with us until yesterday helping to get things back in order. I have been beyond exhausted lately with Emily waking up 10 times every night and got really behind on laundry, cooking and cleaning. We have 3 weeks left until we move to San Antonio, so Sheri watched Emily while I was on the phone finding new doctors, transferring medical files, interviewing moving companies, etc. etc....Moving is such a pain.
Look at that skinny little arm!
Here are some pictures from earlier last week with Sophia. We went to a great play area with a bunch of foam climbing things...the girls had so much fun!
They loved crawling through the "tree trunk"
And got stuck too. :)

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