Friday, November 7, 2008

October Happenings

Here are some random pictures from October. I'm sorry the format is weird...I don't have the patience to fix it!

Emily has been very busy exploring the house and trying to imitate everything Eli and I do daily. She loves to sit out on the patio and watch the cars go by, and really gets a kick out of popping bubbles. She gets so excited when she sees birds and squirrels!

Recently she has learned to stand up in the tub and rushes to feel the running water. She's still fond on the rubber ducky that Eli got her, and gives him lots of kisses.

Emily is very good at throwing all the toys on the ground to make room to climb the bookshelf. Did I mention that she's a monkey?

Yummy Danze spaghetti sauce...not so yummy in the eyes.

Still lots of sniffing when she gets really excited.
Helping unload the dishwasher (no matter where she is in the apartment, as soon as she hears me start, she races over and looks for the sharp knives)

Play dates have become very different now that Emily is old enough to actually "play." I love these cute pictures of her and Caroline looking out the window. Right after I took this, Emily pushed Caroline down to the floor. Poor Caroline! Emily did feel bad though...her eyes say it all.

We have gone to the cap bar at UD a lot lately with Sophia. It's perfect because mommys get their coffee and babies have lots of grass to roll around in. These pictures are of Sophia running away from Emily trying to chase her.

In the beginning of October, Emily and I went to San Antonio to be with my sisters Annie and Teresa while my parents went to New York to visit my brother Paul. Nona (great-grandmother) took us to see the newest addition to my first cousins (#31 i think), Natalie who was born in the summer. I love her fluffy hair!! Caroline at 3 years old is a great big sister, and really enjoyed playing with Emily too. Sean is so sweet and gentle with the girls, much like his 3 older brothers. Emily was so funny--she just wanted to look at Natalie the whole time...she adores those girls!

Of course Emily feels right at home at Nana and Grandaddy's house. Sweetie the dog wasn't as happy, constantly running away from a baby's curious hands. Teresa helped me out so much, from playing dressup, to giving her baths. What a great auntie!

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Karen said...

I can't believe how grown-up Emily looks in these pictures! She looks like a little girl more than a baby now! So beautiful :)