Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Holy Rollers

Leo has been picking up lots of new words lately. I thought most of them were only comprehensible to me, but apparently Emily can understand him too. Yesterday on our way home from mass, I heard the very first conversation between brother and sister. It went like this:

Leo: "Bye bye Je-dus! Bye bye Mawee"
Emily: "Yes Leo! Bye Mary and Jesus! Leo, did you see what was on Mary's dress?"
Leo: "taws!!!"
Emily: "Yes Leo! Stars!

I was beaming in the front seat. I was thinking, finally! All of these years of daily mass is finally paying off. They must love Mary so much to have been looking closely enough to notice her dress. Emily will tell him just exactly what those stars symbolize. My kids are genius! She'll tell him about Juan Diego, and how her mommy and daddy went to visit to see the REAL tilma! They'll be so faithful!

The conversation continued:
Emily: "You see, Leo, Our blessed mother Mary loves shopping. She gets in her car, and goes to buy lots and lots of outfits so she can show off to her other family."
Leo: "Yeah!"

Womp Womp. I tried to give Emily a little lesson on materialism, but she could care less. Oh well, God always sends me a dose of humility right when I need it most:)

Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us!

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