Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Love at First Sight

Although a pregnancy can be a very long 280 days, there are a couple days of peak excitement. The day you take the positive pregnancy test is awesome, regardless of whether you *know* already. We took our test around the first week of January. I was feeling totally and completely exhausted, and thought to myself that if I wasn't pregnant, then I was probably dying. So when Eli walked through the door at 5:30 and I was laying on the couch with the kids bouncing off the walls, he turned right around and headed to CVS. The test takes about 2 minutes to show the results. I excitedly held the stick and walked to Eli when all of a sudden Emily grabbed the test right out of my hand. I was so grouchy and snapped at her--she crumbled, needing attention, knowing something important was going on. As I pulled the stick out of her hands, we could see those 8 letters. PREGNANT. All 4 of us hugged and jumped up and down and went a little nuts. The kids had no idea what was going on, but they were happy nonetheless. At that very instant, we knew our lives were going to change. We knew there is no better gift than a new child. We knew that I was now carrying a tiny little soul made from scratch by God.

The next exciting day came at 7 weeks...the first ultrasound. I asked my mom to watch the kids after coming home from school. I was paranoid that she knew, as it was a rarity for her to babysit on a weekday. Sitting in the waiting room was nerve racking. What if there's something wrong? What if they can't find a heartbeat?? What if it's twins??? But then I saw him (or her). A tiny little body that really looked more like a sea horse. The technician didn't have to tell me about the flicker on the screen--I knew it was a heartbeat: a strong one. A life. A beautiful blessing. Absolute love at first sight. We wanted to literally shout from the rooftops! We couldn't wait to share the great news with family, friends, the checkout girl at HEB, the teller at the bank...anyone with ears. Valentine's Day rolled around and Emily began work on her cards. Talk about a huge production! Glitter can keep this kid busy for a.long.time. She glued a brother-sister picture to the front and the sonogram to the inside. Here's her cute announcement to my mom.

The most recent excitement was our 20 week ultrasound. Since Leo was a high risk pregnancy, I had an ultrasound each week and slowly saw him grow. I was blown away by how big this baby has gotten! It feels like the past 13 weeks have just FLEW by. Our little love nugget has fingers...and toes...and long legs...and sucks his thumb...and punched the sonogram probe each time the technician pushed my tummy...and is about 1 lb. 10 oz! That's more than our tiny Emily weighed her first week of life! He was super wiggly and we couldn't get a good still shot or a profile pic, but we still love him. Here's his (and when I say "his", I really mean or "her") most recent picture. To the left is a head shot and the right are his 2 tiny feet. Hopefully he can bake another 20 weeks and get nice and chubby :)

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