Monday, May 9, 2011

Mommy's Day

I love mother’s day. I love the sleep-in, aka pretend to sleep while you listen to daddy try to make breakfast with kids screaming *but I want to help.* I love the breakfast in bed while the kids go nuts and try to steal all your food. I love the pregnant belly which provides a perfect table to set your tray upon. I love the handprint card that somehow gets crumpled and torn in the 20 second walk from the kitchen to the bedroom. I love my new diaper bag because my old one smells like spoiled milk and cheese crackers. I love the raspy voice of an almost 2 year old saying “app-ee mommys deah” to my own special mom. I love the special mothers day prayer which prioritizes my parents’ dog B over all other moms or grandmothers. I love the swimming, splashing, squirting, sliding, smiling. I love the blonde 3 year old girl who calls me mommy and is currently sneaking into the Easter candy stash.
I love the blonde smiley little boy who calls me mommy and is currently borrowing my toothbrush.
I love the sweet husband who has given me such a beautiful life. Happy Mother’s Day!

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