Friday, May 27, 2011


Look at this girl.

Isn't she sweet?

3-K ended today with a big bang. The class put on a little show for us, which included the chicken dance, the wheels on the bus, and a bunch of other songs which were half-sung by tiny spaced-out and wiggly 3 year olds. Each of the kids gobbled up a bowl of ice cream and got a bucket of goodies on the way out the door. Hooray for summertime!


Rebecca said...

So are you happy or sad about school being out? I have trepidation about Sophia being done. We should swap craft ideas!

Kate said...

I'm one of those silly moms who actually misses her little rascal when she's gone. Plus, when she's not fighting with Leo, they actually play nicely (sometimes). Ahh...craft ideas...we're lucky if I can even find 2 crayons and a piece of scratch paper. What do y'all do to kill time in the summer?